Things you should know about electronics recycling

Before throwing away items in your home our business, think
about how you can create jobs, save your local environment,
soils and ground water, create organic plant food, save space in
the landfills for items that have no way of being recycled.

Items that can be recycled, and where to take them

Electronics, appliances, medical equipment, tools, etc (anything with a cord or battery).

Compostable Material

  • The MKU Farm!
  • Your own home
  • Gardening clubs close to you

Construction Debris

Try to see if you can find a use for these items around your own home.

For example: wood could be used for bird
houses, raised garden beds, compost bin. Windows can be turned
into a mini greenhouse, etc. You can also donate reusable items
such as doors, trim, paint, wood, wiring, etc to Habitat for Humanity.
Check for their multiple locations and more information.

Used clothes, shoes, household goods, stuffed animals

  • Jefferson County-Rummage Express 636-933-9730 2 E. MAIN ST FESTUS
  • St. Louis County- Salvation Army
  • St. Vincent DePaul
  • Local thrift stores (Check online for their multiple locations)

Paper Recycling

Rubber tires

Household Hazardous Waste

  • Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off site 314-615-8989 (St. Louis and Jefferson County).
    Waste disposal free to anyone one in STL or Jefferson County (limits do apply, call for details)

Hard to recycle items